The Rise of Men-only Yoga Classes

Yoga studios have never been the most popular places in the world for men – at least in the Western world.

Predominantly filled with hyper-flexible women, yoga studios do not always make it easy for newcomers to learn the ropes. However, today men are more likely to engage in Yoga despite all its difficulties primarily because they have begun to understand the true meaning of the activity and all the benefits it has to offer.

As a man, you will have to make an effort to find male-centric classes that are tailored to meet the unique needs of the man. Here is why male-centric classes are so important:

Physical demands

The first thing you need to understand is that men have unique physical demands. They have more strength than flexibility. An instructor in a male-centric class can keep these limitations in mind providing tutelage that is focused on meeting the demands of a man’s men

Male-centric instructors understand the importance of helping men to use their strength to open up their bodies more efficiently.


Men need very specific modifications. A lot of men feel out of place in most classes because they cannot keep up with the flexible girls around them and the advanced flow of instruction they are expected to master.

Male-centric classes are a little slower, providing clear steps into postures and paying careful attention to alignment. Yoga props play a significant role, with instructors understanding the importance of using blocks and the like to help men take incremental steps to improve their flexibility despite their natural limitations (such as the fact that most men have tight hips).


As a matter of fact, men and women speak very different languages. There are some verbal cues that just do not translate accurately for men. Sometimes they need more “mechanical” instructions.

Men want instructions to be packaged in a tangible and accessible manner. Teachers in male-centric Yoga classes understand the necessity of adding depth to verbal instructions even while keeping the philosophical teachings practical.


Men are more likely to receive support from their wives or girlfriends to pursue Yoga if they are attending male-centric classes. The fact that attractive girls in revealing poses are replaced by fellow men tends to put wives or girlfriends at ease, which means that they are more likely to encourage their men to pursue Yoga.

For the most part, male-centric Yoga classes are designed to put men at ease in a field that is primarily populated by women in the western world. The fact that many men nowadays are beginning to accept and understand the value of Yoga to their bodies is very encouraging.