A new weapon against prostate cancer

Oncology is one of the most important fields of medicine, since it deals with the leading cause of death on a global scale, cancer. It is common knowledge that there are many different types of cancer. However, the different mortality rates and treatment…

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Federal Ban Reversed to Allow Blood Donations From Gay Men

For the first time in 3 decades, blood donations from both gay and bisexual men will be accepted, lifting a federal ban that was put in place at the start of the AIDS epidemic. However, the Food and Drug Administration said there are still some restrictions in place limiting donations from men who…

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Female Libido Drug Addyi Is Surely A Savior

Previously, women seemed to be left out in the world of sex enhancement pills, until the female libido drug Addyi was introduced. Medical professionals realized that men are not the only ones suffering from loss of libido, even women do. According to the research, 5.5 million to 8.6 million women…

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New Study: 1 in 2 Peоple Can Get Cancer

Hearing “yоu have cancer” frоm yоur specialist is sоmething nоbоdy wants tо be invоlved with at any pоint in life. Anyhоw, shоckingly, 50% оf all grоwn-ups will get a malignancy judgment, as per anоther study frоm the British…

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Electronic Cigarettes Suspected to Encourage Teen Smoking

A new study suggests that adolescents who tried e-cigarettes may be more inclined to try traditional tobacco cigarettes after that.

The authors analyzed the information from the National Youth Tobacco Survey conducted by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and discovered that…

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