Can testosterone disable Type 2 diabetes?

Metabolic diseases have both physical and psychological impacts on patients, since they intervene with one of the most essential functions of the human body, eating. 

One that probably everyone is aware of is diabetes. There are many types with different characteristics. This article will focus on Type 2 diabetes and the promising results of a study about it. But first, a brief description is required, since some readers may not be familiar with the condition.

diabetesDiabetes is classified as type 2 when the cells are resistant to insulin, unlike type 1 where the body doesn’t produce insulin. Type 2 is the one most diabetes patients suffer from, reaching as high as 90% of the total cases on a global scale. 

A team of researchers at the University of Buffalo have recently discovered that testosterone increases the cells’ sensitivity levels to insulin. The study, that lasted 24 weeks, treated 94 men, all Type 2 diabetes patients, with testosterone supplements. Fake doses that neither the team nor the men knew were not testosterone were given at random times instead of the actual hormone to eliminate the possibility of the placebo effect.

The results were remarkable. In some cases, the glucose intake was increased by up to 33%. But that is not all. After these 24 weeks, the participants had lost about 3 kilograms of body fat and had also gained the same number in muscle mass. 

The same team also suggests that there is a very strong link between obesity and the occurrence of Type 2 diabetes. An element that comes to verify the validity of the study is that obese males have been measured to have very low testosterone levels. It is more than obvious that the aforesaid treatment combined with body weight control through a balanced diet and, maybe, exercise can create huge benefits.

It turns out that besides increasing sexual activity, muscle strength and also improving bone density, testosterone also improves the patient’s ability to absorb higher levels of glucose. Increasing these absorption levels is the only action required to eliminate the symptoms of the aforementioned condition. Even though no amount can solve the problem once and for all, regular taking of testosterone supplements can enhance the patient’s quality of life. 

This is yet another case in which medicine helps people overcome difficulties caused by certain health issues. Diabetes should not be underestimated; it is a serious condition that affects not only the body functions but also the mood and even the behavior of the individual suffering from it.